Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a Weekend!

As the title states, this weekend was definitely a busy one. My husband and I took some time to travel to Memphis for a Sugarland concert on Friday (one of the few vacations I've had in a while) and we decided to leave the fur babies with the boarding facility My Second Home ( The facility is absolutely gorgeous inside, with caring staff that truly want the best for your fur baby (cat or dog.) When we dropped the pups off at 7:30 AM on Friday, our little diva queen, Harlie, was so upset. She hates feeling like she's missing out on anything we do, and that's in part because everywhere we have travelled, 90% of the time the dogs took the journey with us.

We arrived back home in Nashville Saturday evening and were unable to pick up the dogs until Sunday morning, so it was eerily quiet throughout the night. No dogs barking, jumping on the bed, panting in our faces trying to make sure we were up and ready to go at 4:45 AM each day. While the break was a nice one, I'm glad to have my fur babies back with me. I can't stand being separated from them for too long.

Where we live, a lot of our neighbors have cats. Now, I love cats (I love all animals), but I do get frustrated with some of the neighbors because they feel it's their "right" to let their cat wander the neighborhood. That is the neighbor's perogative, but please if you have outdoor pets, be sure to keep plenty of water and food out for your pet. It's too hot to "forget" to leave water outside, as one of my neighbor's once told me (to which I proceeded to fill a bowl with ice water for the cat, who appeared to be incredibly happy with me after that.)

Well, Millie loves cats too. Almost too much. She jumped out of the backseat of the car and took off to see Jackson, our neighbor's orange tabby. Jackson doesn't care for Millie much, but on occasion he will tolerate her presence. Today was not one of those occasions. I had to chase Millie around Jackson's house to try to get a good grip on her leash, with poor Jackson hissing and meowing from the top of his fence. Once again I see that there is no water anywhere, and I know my neighbor does not have a "kitty door."

Moral of today's story is twofold: first, if you have pets outdoors, PLEASE provide at least water; second, if you have a fur baby that is very excited to be home, please don't be like me and think she isn't as fast as you. She is. And she will run.

Thank you, Millie, for my daily exercise. It is good to have you and Harlie both home!

As promised, here is a photo of Millie. This was taken not 5 minutes after she had her bath. She loves water, but she was still skeptical and giving me that "I can't believe you bathed me" look.

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  1. Where is Harlie's picture on here? You know she will be upset...:)